Roero Arneis

93Luca Maroni 2019
93Luca Maroni 2018
91Luca Maroni 2017
CrownTouring Club Italiano 2019
****Touring Club Italiano 2018
****Touring Club Italiano 2017

Arneis is a white wine grape variety from Italy’s much-respected Piedmont wine region. In a story shared by several renascent grape varieties, Arneis has been rescued from the verge of extinction and is now enjoying something of a revival. Roero Arneis is known particularly as a refreshing white wines.



100% Arneis

Production area

Canale, Montà




290 – 320 above s.l.










75 cl

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Technical notes about Roero Arneis DOC

CharacterTasting notes

This is a wine with a fresh and fruity taste, straw-yellow in color. It has an intense aroma with peach notes.


Wine & FoodPairing

It is a wine to be served at 12-13 °C. Perfect with appetizers, fish dishes, fresh cheeses, and chicken meats.

If the Piedmont area on ​​the right bank of the Tanaro river has Nebbiolo, the one on the left has “White Nebbiolo” or Roero Arneis, a great Italian white wine. By the way… white Nebbiolo doesn’t exist.

But our Arneis has a lot more of pepper to offer. It’s a super salty wine, elegant and full of incredible aromas that give it an irresistible charm.

It is a difficult and rebellious vine to cultivate, it matures late and has low acidity, so it is not so simple to find the right balance between sugars and polyphenolic maturation during the harvest. Just delay a few days the harvest and you can say goodbye to your precious freshness … not to mention that it’s not very generous as production, quite the contrary.

A lot of fruit, especially lemon, bergamot, and orange peel fruits, then there is no shortage of almonds and pears. The peculiarity is the subtle notes of aromatic herbs, white flowers, orange blossom, and anise-licorice. Mineral notes are always present in the background.

In the mouth, it is salty, medium-structured, with rhythm, good persistence, but never too aggressive. It is not a Chardonnay, but it looks like a super mineral Pinot Blanc. The acidity is never high, however, it is not a flat or still wine, indeed it has a nice character. Arneis is often aged in steel, the wood tends to mortify its liveliness, flattening its qualities of pleasantness and drinkability.