Langhe Nebbiolo

94Luca Maroni 2019
Golden StarToring Club Italiano 2019

Langhe Nebbiolo is a red wine in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. It is generally considered as a junior version of Barolo and Barbaresco. Langhe Nebbiolo can still share much of the full bodied character and structure of its bigger siblings. It also has similar floral aromas and subtle notes of red cherry.



100% Nebbiolo




300 – 320 above s.l.










75 cl

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Technical notes about Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

CharacterTasting notes

Light ruby red wine with raspberry and rose aromas. It is a fresh and fruity wine, with soft and delicate tannins.

Food & WinePairing

Langhe Nebbiolo should be served at 18 °C. It can be tasted at its best with cold cuts, game and roasts.

The word Nebbiolo is dervied from the Italian word nebbia, meaning fog. This is an apt term, as Nebbiolo is a late ripening variety. Often harvested in mid-October, some two to three weeks after other local grapes such as Barbera. As fog permeates the vineyards in many parts of Piemonte in late September and October, Nebbiolo vineyards must be sited above the fog level. This in order to receive as much sunshine as possible for ripening purposes

Nebbiolo is the basis of 17 different DOC and DOCG-regulated wines in Piedmont. A few og them, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, are absolutely famous. Acidity levels vary from zone to zone. Because the thumbprint of a wine made from Nebbiolo is the tannic level, as the variety is among the most tannic in the world.

This translates into notable aging potential, as long as there is good acidity and depth of fruit. But high tannins can also mean a rough, bitter wine that needs time to settle down and lose its youthful bitterness. A wine made from Nebbiolo – when done right – can delight after 15-20 years and even longer. In the instance of a great Barolo or Barbaresco.