Barbera d’Alba

93Luca Maroni 2019
94Luca Maroni 2018

Barbera d’Alba is a key DOC of Piedmont, in northwest Italy, famed for its tangy, cherry-like red wines made from Barbera grapes. Barbera has ancient origins, although it has only been traceably documented since the 17th century. It is esteemed for its deep color, low tannins and high levels of acidity.



100% Barbera

Production area





290 – 310 above s.l.










75 cl

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Technical notes about Barbera d'Alba DOC

CharacterTasting notes

Wine with a fresh perfume, with notes of red fruits. It has an intense ruby red color. The taste is fresh and persistent.

Wine & FoodPairing

The wine should be served at 18 °C. It is perfect with first and second courses, especially with red meats.

Barbera d’Alba is a wine which wins on every table for its excellent versatility. Barbera is the Piedmontese grape par excellence. The wine that has always been drunk. The one which serves to pay the bills. The product that represents at least half of the entire production of the region.

Barbera is a very pleasant wine, with intense color, clear aromas of red fruit, flowers and a bit of spice to make it intriguing. It has strong tannins, never too aggressive, a slender body – often nervous – and an incredible acidity. So much so that it is considered one of the most acidic vines, although it grows in relatively warm areas.

Its strength is its drinkability. You can drink a light Barbera as an aperitif or accompaniment for classic Piedmontese appetizers, like vitello tonnato, but also with simple cured meats. If you opt for more full-bodied Barbera, refined in wood, you can also serve them with more elaborate dishes; like truffle risotto, game, or a Fassona tartare with truffle.

Barbera Alba food pairings are endless and if you have patience you will find the right one for every occasion.